Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Constitution Is a Corpse That Should Be Buried. RIP.

I just submitted this piece to The Lincoln Eagle in Kingston, NY. 
The Constitution Is a Corpse That Should Be Buried. RIP.

Mitchell Langbert

Unlike Fox and MSNBC The Lincoln Eagle publishes all viewpoints, not just those of the bankers’ marionettes on television-and-radio news.   I therefore call on Lincoln Eagle publisher Mike Marnell to take a radical step:  Change the name of this great publication to The Jefferson Eagle.  The reason is that the Tea Party is wrong:  There is no longer reason to support and defend the Constitution that Lincoln turned into an instrument of tyranny when he refused to abandon Fort Sumter as South Carolina demanded.

This is the 800-pound gorilla: The federal government and the Constitution don’t work because the American public is not up to the task of defending them from tyrants like Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama.  As Thomas DiLorenzo shows in his book Hamilton’s Curse, the Constitution was a mistake even in 1787. It worked until 1920 because of the American people, who believed in freedom and who insisted that politicians honor it.  The Americans of 1800 threw Hamilton’s Federalists, the party that framed the Constitution and lied about its protecting freedom, permanently out of office. It was the American people, not the paper Constitution, who resisted tyranny.  Americans are no longer capable of doing so, and the states that still value freedom will be better off by separating from the dying, tyrannical states like Andrew Cuomo’s New York. 

In the years leading up to 1787, many of the best American patriots, led by Kingston’s George Clinton, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, George Mason, and James Monroe, opposed the Constitution.  They were antifederalists.  In his book The Anti-federalists: Critics of the Constitution 1781-1788, Jackson Turner Main shows that the Federalists, the advocates of the Constitution, tended to be the predecessors of today’s progressives.  They congregated in the more affluent parts of the more affluent states like Virginia and New York, and they manipulated the media to manipulate the American public into supporting expansion of government through the Constitution.  The antifederalists were poor, hardworking farmers.  They were productive, innovative, and honest.  
When Hamilton’s Federalists gained power under Washington and Adams, they belied many of the claims they had made prior to the Constitution’s signing. Hamilton did it through the elastic clause.  The elastic clause says this:

The Congress shall have Power ... To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

Beginning with The First Report on the Public Credit, Hamilton’s defense of what today is called the Federal Reserve Bank, Hamilton used the elastic clause to invalidate all of the Constitution’s protections from tyranny.  He even proposed a socialist manufacturing system.  Today’s Obama administration, with boondoggles like his failing health care-and-education reforms, offers little more than variations of Hamilton’s socialism-for-the-rich.

In 1800 the American public rejected Hamilton and the Federalist approach, but the big-government philosophy evolved.  First, the founder of the Whigs, Henry Clay, and his followers like Abraham Lincoln advocated crony capitalism through the American System.

Then, the Republican Party, advocate of subsidies to Lincoln’s railroad-and-canal cronies, was within 50 years taken over by advocates of even bigger government, the Progressives, led by Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.  

Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln, and TR claimed that the common will or public good necessitated increasing government authority. Today’s liberals and conservatives both originated in the Republican Party: TR was the first liberal and Taft was the first conservative in today’s uses of these terms.  They had a fight over trust enforcement, and TR, along with JP Morgan’s assistant George W. Perkins, founded the Progressive Party to defeat Taft and enable the first elected Progressive Democratic president, Woodrow Wilson, to win.  Wilson was a racist, and he introduced Jim Crow laws into Washington, DC.  He was also the president who introduced the income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank, beloved by both Marx and Hitler. 

The America of the 18th and 19th centuries, of The Brooklyn Eagle, no longer exists. Americans watch and believe the propaganda of banker-owned television news on MS-NBC and Fox.  The Civil War was the turning point, and the rise of the Republicans as a national party marked the beginning of the end of freedom.  That news broadcasters on Fox claim that the Republicans are the party of freedom is a symptom of Americans’ ignorance because of their government-run public schools and their banker-controlled media. 

Americans are no longer taught to value freedom. They believe in government, redistribution, and security; they do not understand the reason that their standard of living has been stagnant since the 1960s’ tripling of government spending.  The tyranny of Rousseau, Hamilton, and Hegel is now the federal government’s dogma. It failed in Hitler’s Germany, in Napoleon’s France, in Stalin’s Soviet Union, and in Mao’s China; it will fail in Obama’s America too. 

Now that the American public has lost the spirit of and does not understand freedom, the Constitution is a corpse; it is the instrument of tyranny that Hamilton thought it would be. It is time to bury that corpse.  RIP.

An America without a Constitution would be run as 50 independent countries.  Such a system would enhance competition and end the federal government’s ongoing subsidies to the wealthy through the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Supreme Court, federal regulatory agencies, and other blights on your welfare.